Thursday, August 16, 2012

Same Blog... New Blog Name... New Blog Place...

Well, maybe it could be argued that if it has a new name and is in a new place, it is not the same blog... but since in politics, all things are argued over anyway, even if candidates used to agree, then feel free to argue the point...

Be that as it may, this blog has evolved over time to become mainly about politics, and so last night, I renamed it and gave it a new home...  I hope you will come visit.

It has been renamed "politics... chaos in action".
Its new address is:

You can either "take the bus" to come visit (copy and paste the new address into your browser)... or you can "beam" directly to the new address (click on the following link):

             politics...chaos in action

Whichever way you choose, I hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Floridians... Get Out and Vote!!

If you live in Florida, today is primary voting day... Voting is an important constitutional right and responsibility as a citizen of the United States!!  So get out and vote!!!